PLAY FOR REAL PROBLEM Children play Lego games online more and more, they are loosing touch with their imagination and manual craft. SOLUTION What about finding a way to keep them online and at the same time get them to play offline? IDEA Play for real, an online-offline game combining: VR , manual building, social media and walks to the most hidden corners of every city. PLAY FOR REAL The Game combining two worlds, offline and online. 1 Sign Up Online Receive Lego Classic at home
2 Get Building build your first piece: choose an animal you like, have fun.
3 Upload your work :  upload your finished animal receive approval and choose a construction to build
4 Start again  upload your construction and move to the next level
5 IG Personal gallery
Keep track of your progress share it with everyone


AR Discovery Game Snap it the way you like it Go snapping photos in various parts of the city, unlock new pieces to over impose to your pics, share your vision, snap it the way you like it.
\Facebook Post AR snap
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