PROBLEM Create a new Netflix series about the advertising world. INSIGHT The landscape of advertising and its implications and consequences are shaping our behaviours and world through the digital revolution in a way never seen before. It's time to share the dark side of the moon in a funny , empowering, inspiring and insightful way. IDEA A young geek man in his early 30s and a young smart woman in her late 20s meet online on singlecreatives.com. they team up as a creative duo, decide to go on a mission to re-establish aesthetic and ethical living in the world, . A tale of creativity, power, love, politics, finance, elections, FBI, Hollywood nights, aliens healing, murders, gender change and world peace. A breathtaking "Creative Apocalypse". Imagine a contemporary Mad Men with a Breaking bad twist, a Black mirror atmosphere and a touch of surrealism and futurism. You just can't miss it, stay tuned! FIRST SEASON OUTLINE 1st Episode OUTLINE KATA is in a catastrophic pitch with her creative partner. She decides to break up and find someone else. ALEC is having a drink with a potential creative partner who results to be really boring and flat. They both look into Singlecreatives.com to find their perfect creative match. After writing to each other an email in the same day at the same time, it's creative love at first sight. . 2nd Episode OUTLINE The day after happens to be ALEC's birthday, they get together to celebrate and start their creative book. ALEC and KATA define their mission and sign up for a Book Crit night in order to be discovered by the industry. In their first book Crit they get to meet 6 CD from different agencies. The night begins, some of the CDs appraise them as genius whilst most of others don't get their thinking. 3rd Episode OUTLINE After a series of email without no answer to those who had seemed to appreciate their work, they decide to come up with an idea for a stunt to be executed in front of the advertising agencies they want to work for. The stunt is supposed to be perfectly timed with the arrival of the ECD and CD's in the office. Want to know how it all explode? drop us an email. \Print_OOH

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