#NOTHING MORE THAN CLOTHES PROBLEM How do we innovate the most innovative of designers: Alexander Mcqueen? SOLUTION When we hear his name, all we think about it's ground breaking creativity and forward thinking. Let's follow his footprint and adventure into uncharted territories. IDEA Let's push human creativity and technology to their limits. let's make the first ever Creative Ai and human fashion collection, let's spread Mcqueen's aesthetic through clothing snap chat filters, let's get people to VR Catwalk wearing Mcqueen's most famous pieces. \Instagram McQueen competition for new designers New designers submit their collections to become the next Alexander McQueen.
Winners participate in the Creative AIHuman project.
\Creative AI The first ever AIHuman collection it's created by an AI algorithm, fed with Alexander Mcqueen original drawings and Instagram competition winning designs. The world of fashion it's never going to look the same.
\IGTV Doc A series of curated 10 min Docs about Mcqueen's life, catwalks, history and successes
Snapchat MCQ Filters
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