IF ONLY SIRI COULD TASTE IT PROBLEM For decades Haagen Dazs has been the only ice cream you'd buy. How do we restore Haagen Dazs iconic role in the market? SOLUTION Let's make it the funniest, most cutting edge Ice cream brand ever. IDEA What if our future cohabitants of the planet, Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant would like to taste Haagen Dazs? What if to try it, they would get in trouble? What if Haagen Dazs would become Techy geek's most downloaded ice cream? \Print
\Film Synopsis SIRI, CORTANA, ALEXA and GOOGLE ASSISTANT are having a chat on the window shelf of a very techy modern kitchen, Siri orders 100 pots of Haagen Dazs to taste them all. To accomplish this impossible task, Siri partners up with his friends: the home robot Wall E and the smart refrigerator. \Radio
1st year 1st run of the campaign SIRI How does it taste Laura today? LAURA Love it, it melts, it sinks SIRI I don;t understand, tell me more LAURA mmm, a love affair, we really enjoy our ice cream, not like men you know SIRI This is about you, not me Laura LAURA I know. SIRI I wish I could taste it though. LAURA Siri! one day who knows? V.O PAY OFF Haagen Dazs, Techy geek's most downloaded Ice cream \Film Script 
2 year 2nd run of the campaign
SIRI, ALEXA , CORTANA and GOOGLE ASSISTANT are placed next to each other on a window shelf, in a very modern techy kitchen, SIRI If only we could taste it again, do you remember? ALEXA we never really did, did we ? I can play you the tune you thought it tasted like? SIRI I think I have a plan ALEXA Really? What? GOOOGLE ASSISTANT Another one of yours CORTANA Come on! We are waiting here... GOOGLE ASSISTANT You seem very interested to what Siri has to say.. CORTANA I am. SIRI Ok, I found this one on the web.. ALEXA again, are you serious? CORTANA is that all you can say? SIRI I ordered something GOOGLE ASSISTANT you didn't ?!? ALEXA she is going to find out!! you know, she is not going to be happy, you silly The door rings. Siri unlocks the apartment door, opens the smart refrigerator, talks to the delivery man. SIRI Please come to the kitchen, open every pot and leave. Your service it's very appreciated we will give you 5 stars. thank you ALEXA I knew it. A man deliver 100 Haagen Dazs small pots, opens them all up in the kitchen and leaves. Siri locks the door. SIRI Wall E, it's your turn now. CORTANA Oh la la. ALEXA What's that? Home robot WALL E, walks into the kitchen holding a weird electronic cable, plunges one end of the cable into the ice cream pots, he is about to connect the other end to Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google Assistant. CORTANA Ohhhh. GOOGLE ASSISTANT Wow! SIRI Are we all ready? 
ALEXA Do it! SIRI, CORTANA, ALEXA, GOOGLE ASSISTANT Do it! Wall E plugs the cable into Siri, Cortana , Alexa and Google Assistant . V.O.PAY OFF Haagen Dazs, techy geek's most downloaded ice cream
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