DOES IT REALLY MATTER ? PROBLEM over 5million people in the UK don't have insurance. SOLUTION Let's change the perception of insurance policies and turn them into something funny, hilarious and ironic. Let's twist Lloyd's iconic inspirational black horses into agents of surreal fun mess. 
 IDEA When a bunch of black horses break into your house whilst you are watching telly, crash your phone whilst you are on a date, take up all the airplane seats letting you stranded or run wild through your wedding celebration creating havoc, does it really matter? No It doesn't, when you have, Lloyds insurance. \Print 1 HOME INSURANCE
\Video SCRIPT A man sits comfortably at home watching telly. Suddenly two holes open on the wall behind him, a bunch of wild black horses run into the house. The man doesn't move. The horses run out of the room, The man stands up, reaches to the TV, gives it a punch, changes channel, goes back to the sofa as if nothing ever happened. PAYOFF : Does it really Matter ? Not when you have Lloyds home insurance.
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