VIRGIN ADVENTURE STEP INTO THE UNKNOWN, MYSTERIOUS DESTINATIONS 3 HOURS TO CHECK IN PROBLEM Virgin's new proposition, offers Hotel+flight deals at the touch of a button. In a time where time is considered money and experiences wealth, our target wants novelty with a touch of Lux. SOLUTION Let's invent a new holiday trend pushing on people innate desire for adventure. Let's save Virgin lost profits caused by empty flight seats. Let's partner with best local entertainment businesses, let's provide unique epic holidays. IDEA Virgin "Adventure" offers short holiday breaks to unknown destinations and 3 hours to check-in, would you dare? A Virgin dedicated "Search algorithm", matches empty flight seats and empty hotel rooms in different cities, providing Virgin Thrill Club members, unbeatable last minute deals and unforgettable premium experiences. \VIRGIN ADVENTURE CLUB APP
Virgin Thrill club members access special deals on travel add-ons like Spa, Restaurants , Cinemas and Shops. \VIRGIN ADVENTURE CLUB APP
Virgin Thrill flights are available through the app. making adventure possible in every moment. \VIRGIN ADVENTURE CLUB APP
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